- Fitness Workouts  by a Certified Personal Trainer with More than 26 Years of Experience -














- Fitness Workouts  by an Certified Personal Trainer with More than 26 Years of Experience -


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Women Working with Excersize Balls - Personal Training
Pregnant Woman with Her Hands on Her Stomach - Personal Training
FormShaperNYC - Complimentary Assessment, Offer Consists of a Light Training Session & Analysis for Body Fat, BMI, Blood Pressure, Heart Rate, & Body Measurements

Workout Plans

Reach your workout goals with my exercise programs. I'm committed to helping you exceed your goals with exercises you enjoy.

For Mothers

Get back into pre-baby shape fast with postpartum exercise programs from FormShaperNYC. Check out our Testimonials..

Mission Statement

My mission is to help you make changes in your
life and achieve fitness goals that might otherwise not be obtainable.

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Hi, my name is Dohn and I've been a Personal Trainer since September, 1988.  My goal is to guide and help you attain your fitness goals.  Here at FormShaperNYC I work with you to get you into your best possible shape and achieve the body you desire.  With  today's busy schedules finding time to work out can be tough, which is why most clients prefer the In-Home and/or Private Building Gym training sessions.  I bring the workouts to you, time-saving, butt-kicking, and goal-oriented, that's the FormShaper way.  Whether you're just starting out or starting over again, with my customized plans I can get you into the shape you've always dreamed of.    Learn More About FormShaperNYC

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